Property Rights – Why so fundamental to all life?

Property Rights – Why so fundamental to all life?

1) Control the usage of it
2) Rightful possession of it (no being was harmed to acquire it)
3) Personal responsibility for it

The Body:
Do you control your body? Do you invest time maintaining the health and existence of your body? Could someone else rightfully come and take parts of your body if they needed them? Do you own your body? YES.

Extensions of the Body:
Do you own your time while in the body? Are you responsible for the time you have won in your body by surviving? Do you own the time invested in your body’s actions? Are you responsible for those actions? If you invest your body and time in the body into creating something, do you own this creation? Would this creation be there without the investment of your time? Do you own the products of your labour? YES.

There is no fundamental difference between property of the body and outside the skin of the body. Property rights are consistent throughout.

The ‘Rights’:
1) The Self-Defence Principle (Masculine): Sentient beings have the right to defend the wellbeing of their property against threats through the use of appropriate force. Threats include external aggression or violence, and death by natural threats such as hunger, thirst and exposure.
2) The Non-Aggression Principle (Feminine): Sentient beings must not initiate the use of force against the property of others, as by initiating force one is taking control over the property and thus is stealing. This theft includes murder, assault, rape, coercion, and fraud.

As you can see, the only natural ‘right’ any being has, is the right to ownership over the body it inhabits, and every ‘wrong’ follows from this. The implications of this logic are profound, such as the truth that taxation is theft, and prohibition laws are immoral. We must understand this fundamental law of nature before we are able to identify where we have gone wrong and deconstruct the ills of the world. This realisation can be shocking and life-changing, use it wisely.

For more info, you may want to check out the following:
– Mark Passio on Natural Law
– Google the Non-Aggression Principle
– Murray Rothbard and natural rights
– Stefan Molyneux on property rights and the body, and anarchy


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